Upgrading from v4 to v8

I’ve been thinking to upgrade from v4 to v8, this was created using AWS AMI. Now I’ve seen multiple forum threads regarding the same topic and basically a couple of approaches were recommended

  1. Create a new instance with the same version i.e v4 in this case and importing the older version’s DB and migrating it.
  2. Upgrading the existing setup from v4->v5->v6->v7 and changing to docker and migrating to v8.

Can someone tell which is the better(better in sense of ease of upgrading) approach here? Also, please correct me if any mistakes are there in the above-mentioned approaches

Migrate to docker then upgrade is generally easier. Redash stopped publishing tarballs in V7 (I think?) so it’s pretty involved to upgrade a non-Docker instance beyond V6.

Thanks for the reply, can you share details/steps or articles for migrating to docker in v4 and upgrading to the latest version.

You can migrate by dumping the database from non-Docker and loading it into your Docker container.

After that upgrading is straightforward and covered here: https://redash.io/help/open-source/admin-guide/how-to-upgrade