Upgrading from v5 to v10 and From legacy EC2 to Docker (in ecs)

I promise I searched this forum for answers around this similar topic but my use case is a bit different.

  • We currently have redash installed in ec2 (version 5.0.2)
  • We are working toward migrating redash to a new AWS account, vpc, … and deploy in ECS with a v10 Docker image

I have seen enough links to help us through the ECS deployment However my question is

  • We want to start fresh from v10
  • But we want to migrate the database (that v5 is using) to a compatible with redash v10

Is that possible?

Any advice is appreciated

Thank you

Hi there, sounds doable. You’ll need to upgrade your V5 instance to V10 first. Then dump the database from your old server and load it onto the new one. This is pretty common, especially when people move from non-Docker installations to Docker.

Please post to this forum if you encounter issues. We’re happy to help debug.