Upgrading Non-Docker V7 to Docker V8

Hi Guys,

I have just been assigned the project of upgrading our Legacy Redash Installation of 7.00 to V8. is anybody able to help me with much more granular steps of moving this to Docker and then upgrading to V8.

Current Env Setup

Ubuntu 16.04
Postgres 10 V9.5
Redash V 7.0.0.b17535

Welcome to the forum! I split your response into a separate thread so it’s more visible.

This question has been asked a few different ways on the forum.

Here’s one example.

The basic steps are:

  • Migrate your legacy installation to a Docker installation of the same version
  • Upgrade the Docker installation to your desired version.

Our documentation includes an article about upgrading from one version to the next.

Thanks for pointing me to this. Following the guides i was able to dockerize my V7. i am still struggling with the DB backup import into docker but i did see some pointers on the forum today that i intend to try. My question however is I plan to decouple Redis and postgres from my docker and Connect to a Cloud Sql and was wondering if someone had done this before and maybe offer the steps taken.

Appreciate as always

I haven’t done this specifically. But you can modify the SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI and REDIS_URL environment variables in your Dockerfile to point at different servers.