URL to force query refresh

I have a query result URL like this one http://mysite.com/api/queries/29/results.csv?api_key=xxxxx, and I use it to download output via curl.

Is it possible to force query refresh via curl?

When I call http://mysite.com/api/queries/29/refresh?api_key=xxxxx I have Couldn't find resource. Please login and try again. error message.

Thank you

Does query 29 use parameters?

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It’s something like “select * from table where field=1234”.

Thank you

I’m trying to refresh a query by URL.
This is the string
curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" https://localhost:8080/api/queries/4/refresh
But I receive the following error
{“message”: “Please use a user API key.”}


The error is pretty straightforward. Have you tried using your API key from the profile section in settings?

Yes. I find it in “Show API key” profile item.