we’re using influxdb as one of our sources in re:dash.

I want to use tag values from one of our series (email address) as the filter value but I can’t get the address.

To be clear, when I run the following :

show tags values from my_serie with key="address" 

I get the following results :

key value
address admin@example .com
address system@sub.example .com
address system@example .com
address do-not-reply@example .fr
address do-not-reply@example .com
address purchase-order@example .com
address confirmation@example .com

(email addresses broken here in order to publish this post, antispam systems can be overzealous :slight_smile: )

Then, when I use this query as a Dropdown source, it only shows “adress” in dropdown box instead of value.

Any idea ?

This because we have support for showing a different label for some value in the dropdown. If the query has two columns we use the first one as the title and second one as the value.

If you have a way to return only a single column, it will resolve this. If there isn’t, you can use the Query Results feature to return only a single column from this query.

Thanks for the answer,

as the command doesn’t allow changing the number of returned columns, I’ll try with Query Results.