I recently did an upgrade from 1.0.3 to 7.0,0.
I’ve been playing with the user profile image sync. Here’s what I found:
• For legacy users (prior to the upgrade), their profile picture will just be a symbol.
• Legacy users can adjust their profile picture with Gravatar, but nothing they do in Google syncs. My assumption is that new users can also adjust their pictures with Gravatar.
• For new users, their profile picture will be set tho whatever their Google profile picture is
• But for new users, if they change their profile picture in Google, redash will not update.

Giving users the ability to change their profile picture is important, because the Queries page does not display creator names anymore, just shows their pictures.

right now my workaround is adding the username to the ItemsTable.jsx

    <figure className="profile__figure_thumb">
        alt={formatTitle(user.name, item)}
        title={formatTitle(user.name, item)}
      <figcaption className="profile__figcaption_thumb">{user.name}</figcaption>