Does anyone know how to change user session timeout, right now if I log in, I stay log in for too long. Anyone had this issue and how did you configure the timeout?

Thank you in advance



We still have not figured out how to tackle this issue, but redash is using Flask - Login so we assume the magic must lie somewhere in the code and we need to change setting on how flask login library is used

You’re correct: Redash uses Flask-Login. I’m pretty sure it has configuration options for this. You’re welcome to submit a Pull Request that exposes those options are environment variables (like we do for the rest of the configuration).


+1 to this issue. i find it very anoying losing queries changes because of losing the session.
And i am surprised not more people are affected by this issue.

Would also be interested in this, but in the other direction - we show dashboards on TVs and they log out each night. Would like to extend that to at least a week.

This was implemented via Expire sessions after 6 hours of inactivity by rauchy · Pull Request #5159 · getredash/redash · GitHub :rocket:
Set the environment variable SESSION_EXPIRY_TIME to your liking. (The default is 60 * 60 * 6 (6 hours)

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Sorry for the wrong info. It should be REDASH_SESSION_EXPIRY_TIME