User visibility and dashboard forks

I want to use the self-hosted version of Redash, currently going through the setup steps.

I have two main needs.

Invite external users that:

  1. Can create their own queries, widgets and dashboards.
  2. Can view public queries, widgets and dashboards created by others, but also make their own queries, widgets and dashboards private.
  3. Cannot see the user list of the group designated to them.

I found the following link: A user or query/dashboard permission for external clients? which is somewhat helpful. Had a little problem of accessing the database itself locally (using the docker version).

Fork dashboards:

  1. Where admin users can fork existing dashboards through the UI

I found the following PR: If I understand this correctly, I should install the pypi package and somehow use it to fork dashboards. Is there more guidance on how to do this in the backend? How would I use this via the frontend (admin users)?