Using chart from same query in different dashboards with different parameters


Quick question about this as it seems I don’t grasp how it works.
I wanted to add a specific chart to two different dashboards: one in which the chart has the values on ‘All’ everywhere, another where certain parameters are static values. The issue is that it seems the parameters apply to the query as well and thus when I go to the ‘All’ dashboard, the dashboard now has the same values applied as in the one with static values.
Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible? Do I have to create a copy of that query with already applied parameters in the SQl to make this work?

If I’ve correctly understood your problem

You need to use dashboard parameters when inserting in your dashboard


You can select another value (rather than the default) in your second dashboard

That’s the thing, I am doing this already. When I add the chart I change the default values to static value. But then if I go to the query directly (not through the dashboard), in certain cases the default values become those of the static values chosen in the dashboard. And this is also applied to the second dashboard I have with this chart.

The default value for a parameter on a dashboard is the same as that parameter’s default on the query screen. Dashboards don’t maintain separate defaults.