V1.0 has removed dashboard grouping from main menu


I’ve just upgraded to v1.0 & first of all it’s working great, so keep up the good work!

We keep our dashboards grouped together using categories, e.g:
Social Sense: Activity
Social Sense: Overview

So you’d then get them grouped together as:
Social Sense

  • Activity
  • Overview

With v1.0 dashboards now get displayed without this grouping in the dropdown:

You can still get to the grouped view by goind Dashboards > Dashboards and then selecting the category, which is good, but it’d be better if we could still have them grouped in the main menu. :slight_smile:


The dashboards drop down in v1 is showing the list of recent dashboards (instead of all dashboards), and therefore no longer groups them (as it adds unnecessary step in the menu).


Hi @arikfr,
Thanks for the quick reply!

Is there any option to switch it back to showing all dashboards (grouped)?
Perhaps I’m just not used to it yet, or we just use too many dashboards, but it feels disorganised when compared with how they were previously and I find myself constantly having to go via the dashboards page to find what I need.


Big +1 on this request ! Would be super nice to be able to choose between grouping them or having the most recent.
I totally understand that for some users it can be super useful to have the most recent ones, but at Drivy we spent quite a lot of time organising all our dashboards in structured folders per department / main topics, and rank them (with numbers) so we can easily guide all the employees toward the most relevant dashboards for them. Works super well for us, and we would be super happy if this feature was back :slight_smile: (in fact we were even hoping to be able to have subfolders)
If not possible to group them, something like “featured” dashboards rather than recent ones could work for us as well.



+1 from here too: we also spent quite some time organizing our dashboards and the new groups don’t show the dashboards ordered by name


Does it display the recently created dashboards or the recently visited dashboards for each logged in user?


+1 for the grouping feature. We have different teams using different dashboards. It made more sense for us for menu customisation.


+1 for grouping as we have different teams and it helps us to organize the different dashboards.