V10 Follow-up items

Hey all,

tl;dr V10 is ready to use. Docs + new cloud images are forthcoming. Follow this thread for status updates.

As you may know, we cut the V10 release after a lengthy beta a couple weeks ago. It’s public on dockerhub and our github releases page and it’s quite stable. But we didn’t make a top-level forum post with a box emoji yet because there are a few follow-up items to wrap beforehand:

Documentation updates for V10

There were a lot of small changes in V10 that should appear in the docs. Like static SAML settings, locating dashboards by slug, and configuring the new CSV/Excel data source.

There’s also a broader need to update our screenshots with the new vertical navbar.

The PR with these changes is now visible: V10 Updates by susodapop · Pull Request #616 · getredash/website · GitHub

Cloud images for V10

[Edit 15 Nov] We are debugging performance issues with the V10 release before building these images. V10.1 will be released once we have sorted this out.

These are blocked until getredash/setup is updated for V10. After that we can use Packer to generate and publish the new cloud images.

If you want to deploy V10 with a cloud image right away, however, you can do so by deploying one of the existing V8 images and upgrade it to V10. With AWS this takes about 10 minutes.

I’ll keep track of headway towards these two goals on this post. The checkboxes beside each header will be checked-off once finished.


What needs to happen with that? There are several open PRs on the GitHub repo (including from myself) to keep it updated. It’s just seemed like no-one with write access cares about it.

I’m happy to get that repo into shape if it’d help move things along?

It’s not blocked. We just haven’t pushed our local changes since we’re still testing it.

Thanks for the offer. The repo exists primarily to build the official cloud images which are maintained by the core team using our AWS account so it’s not something we can invite outside contribution for (yet).

While I would prefer a more charitable interpretation of the facts, I’m sure we can do a better job communicating the work plan going forward :confused:

Heh Heh Heh. Just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing, it’s this repo yeah?

The last merged PR for that was 13th Feb 2019. There are 13 PR’s since (some just a restyling of a real PR though), which haven’t had anyone from the Redash team comment on in any way. :frowning:

Frankly, I thought the repo was abandoned, thus created a fork that’s kept up to date.

it’s this repo yeah?