V8 Public query params and download csv

Hi, I upgraded to v8 for getting new feature about params on public dashboards and querys.

I has some querys unpublished because I embed it on a iframe, and when they has params, the public url feature was disabled until v8.

However, when I updated to v8 and try to embed this urls, the ‘download csv’ feature has dissapeared!
The other querys, without params has no problem, and they can download as csv, but not with the new ones!

There is a bug? I got an error on my querys? Or is an expected result?


What you describe is the expected behavior. Were you able to download CSV results of parameterized queries from public dashboards in V7?

I know that in V7 I can’t use parameterized queries on public dashboards.

So I updated to V8. In V8 I can use it on public dashboards and public querys sucessfully. The problem Is that there are no button for download as csv when I use parameterized queries and make it public. Maybe with an example will be better. Both images are on V8. Two public querys inside an iframe. Both on same redash instance and same code for embed

On this query, We can download the data

On this one, We can’t download the data. As you can see, on the upper, there is a parameter.

Yes, not being able to download the dataset is known limitation at the moment. The reason being is that we don’t have a direct URL for the query results we can provide the browser. For rendering the results in the browser we use a hack/workaround: if no cached result is available, we trigger a refresh, poll for its status, and when it’s finished we try to pull a cached result with the hope it will be there.

I wonder if it’s safe to use the same approach for the download URL? I.e., after the refresh is finished render the URL. It might break in unexpected scenarios, like when the page was left open for several days and the cached result was deleted.

In that case we could serve a page that says “This download link has expired”.

Yes, I think that it will be a minor problem. It only happen in specific cases as arikfr says, and in most cases will be abailable.