V9 Beta UI very broken - Docker

Hey Guys,

I created this problem over on the github issues page but for some reason they deem it a support request rather than reporting a bug so they told me to post here.

The TLDR is basically you cannot execute any queries - and thus dashboards either - in the new V9 UI without the site breaking. I have inspected the dev console on the browser and the issues are all react issues.

Rather than repost all of the detail I added already, please see my thread over on github for my detailed description explanation / screen shots - Github issue page

Thanks for your help and work on this project.


For anyone looking at this later, it appears a solution was posted on the linked issue. OP runs Docker on Windows which may have affected his dev environment.

okay,i’ve figured it out by changing some settings on Dockerfile,docker-compose.yml…and so on.

  • Technical details:
  1. Redash Version: V9
  2. Browser/OS: WSL2 Ubuntu 18.04
  3. How did you install Redash: git clone master branch
  4. Data Sourse Server: Mysql

Here are some STEPs based on the Developer Installation Guide:

  1. install docker,docker-compose,node,nodejs,npm
  2. EDIT the follow file:
    this may take some time:▲
  3. docker-compose up ,

clean npm cache
npm cache clean --force && rm -rf package-lock.json && rm -rf node_modules

  1. npm install babel-plugin-module-resolver
  2. npm install
  3. npm run build
  4. npm run start
  5. npm run watch
  6. docker-compose run --rm server create_db
  7. docker-compose start

before those steps to setup the redash’s docker version ,I’ve faced:

  1. Internal server error 500
  2. “OperationalError: server closed the connection unexpectedly” on SQL: ‘SELECT … FROM organizations’
  3. Missing Mysql DataSourse Driver
  4. The situation as @Kevinio04 said

i hope these can help you .

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