Version 9 stable?


Good evening! I don’t know if some of you have the same problem but, in my organization, we usually only upgrade corporate software when official stable versions are launched (beta are note accepted). So we’re stuck on version 7 (because we thought it should be better wait for 9 since there are a lot of improvements).

Do you know if there is any estimate about when Redash 9 official release will be launched?




If I may, I’d like to rephrase this as -
“Which things are being monitored for stability/improvements after which v9 can be released”?

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V9 is stable we just haven’t set aside the resources to remake all the AMIs and update the repositories.

Stuck on version 7? Version 8 is stable

Yes, you are right, thanks. But in my corporation we intended to migrate from 7 to 9 due to new features and the new GUI written in React JS…

I can do without the AMIs or Docker images. Which branch/tag/commit do you suggest to use?
V9-beta branch is quite old and several commits have been made since then. No pressure, but if you tag a commit as V9-beta2 or V9-rc1, then it indicates the progress towards this release and the next step for us to take.