Is there any recommended way to keep and track the different versions of the queries and dashboards? Ideally it would be nice to have an export/import functionality to put every item into a git repo.

Am I right that currently we need to take backups of the postgres db if we want to make sure not loosing the redash items?


You might want to follow, as it adds version tracking for queries.

Syncing with git is definitely interesting, although might be tricky to properly achieve.

Backups of the database are recommended regardless :slight_smile:

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Is there an update here? Would love to see this on the roadmap if possible. Thanks!

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FWIW @arikfr our team is evaluating BI tools and Looker’s “github-/PR-/code-driven workflow” is a big selling point. Would be great to see this in Redash.

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Would love this feature. Our SQL queries are getting a bit unwieldy and it’s tough to manage with the current ‘Query Snippets’ workflow.

Would be great to be able to code review changes to our queries before saving / publishing them as well as reverting in case we push any issues.

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