Videos Demonstrating redash-migrate usage

Hi Everyone,

Here are two video guides to help you with your migrations from to your own instance of Redash V10. The first video covers how to deploy a Redash V8 AMI and upgrade it to V10. The second video demonstrates the complete usage of redash-migrate including a few debugging steps.

Upgrade from V8 to V10

Migrate from to V10


These should be really helpful for people, and it’s extra good that you’ve included info in them about how to work around some problems people can encounter during migration (eg permissions related, etc).

Is there a way to pin this thread to the top of the forum, so it doesn’t get lost as new threads are posted?

Pinned until 30 November.

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Hmmm, might be useful to add something pointing to this from the website faq EOL page too.

I can throw together a PR which does that, if it’d help?

Already handled this. Will merge later today.

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Update: it’s live now :slight_smile:


Oh, when I look at the FAQ EOL page, I’m not seeing it. ← this is where I’m looking

Ahhh, video is embedded here:

Cool. :slight_smile:

Correct, we want people to see it if they follow the “set up an instance of Redash” workflow. It’s not relevant to everyone on the EOL page :+1: