Visualization for JSON response from URL data source



I’m trying to create a data source for to be able to get results like I’ve added it as an URL data source (using as base) and created a query like /v1/search. I can see in Chrome’s the Network monitor that it gets the results just fine from the API. However, it tries to show it in a table and fails. The table is empty, I imagine because it failed to add the results in a table.

I would like either to be able to visualize the JSON response itself, or to be able to tell re:dash where it can find the tables’ rows. Is it possible?



The URL data source expects the URL to return data in the format Redash expects (docs).

I do hope one day to improve it to accept any JSON response, and utilize some query language like JMESPath or ObjectPath. Pull requests with implementation for this are very welcomed :slight_smile:


Thanks for the super quick answer. That’s unfortunate, this sounds like a great feature. Have you created an issue about it on GitHub? I won’t have time to work on it, but I’d like to follow its development…