Visualize results of query that was executed by api

hi i was able to execute a query with parameters using the method:

  1. run the query using /api/queries/${queryId}/refresh
  2. poll for status using /api/jobs/${}
  3. then getting the actual results using : /api/queries/${queryId}/results/${query_result_id}.json

but if i try to visualize the results using (for example):
I get only the results that were run in the web console (not via the API) .
how can i get an visualization image of the actual query that the API just ran?

You’ll need to use a tool like Selenium to render and “screencap” the output. Our visualizations are built by the front-end so they aren’t natively images.

FYI for users of our hosted platform: we run a secondary service that performs these snapshots. They are available from the Embed Elsewhere menu.

For open source users, you can use this repo as a reference for building your own such service.