What disk images are available?



I’m looking to use the GCP image but how can I find out which versions are available?

The install docs only seem to have this one example:

It would be handy if listing objects was enabled on the bucket

$ gsutil ls gs://redash-images
AccessDeniedException: 403 xxx@xxx.xxx does not have storage.objects.list access to redash-images

Thanks very much!


We always post the link of the latest available image in the documents. Why would you want to use something different?


Hey, thanks. I was looking for an image for v3. Guess I’ll have to wait for it to be out of beta :slight_smile:


It’s out of beta already. You can boot the v2 image, and then run the upgrade process:

Note that you will probably hit the SSL issue (see in the troubleshooting guide). Other than that it should take only a few minutes.

I’m not sure there will be an image for v3, we might skip it and create new images when v4 is ready…