What new visualizations would you like to see in Redash?

+1 for bullet charts

Sorry, out of topic.
@arikfr, I would strongly recommend for “Auto refresh on Public dashboard” or Dashboard level group segregation and dashboard should be in view only state.

+1 for ng-maps with heatmaps as @wesleybatista suggested

I understand the use case of geojson, that makes you autonomous while making maps. But it gets slow as your data grows.
The mapping standard has a web service draw the map and return the resulting image - wms.
It also allows for requesting user-defined symbology by using an sld_body paramater.

Another mapping web service option is a rest api reference from esri (the largest gis seller). This allows for a rest-ish approach and also allows for requesting a map imagem with a user-defined symbology.

But best of all is that by using a good javascript mapping library you can use any of these… like openlayers.

This will give you serious location analytics capabilties in redash.

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Is this discussion still open? I’d love to see what @matbott proposed:

  • Tree Map
  • Pictorial
  • Size comparison
  • Pictorial Bar

In addition, I’d like to see Gauge and Dot Plots. Immediate visual feedback has great importance for end users of dashboards, IMHO. My boss always asks me for improved counters (with colors, links, multiple columns, icons…), for instance.



Hi folks,

Another idea (which is not exactly a visualization but impacts all visualizations) is creating other types of visuals for filters than Select Boxes. A slider or a set of horizontal buttons would be great. A slider with a play button would even mimick those great Hans Rosling’s motion graphs, since filters are quite fast to update graphs.

What do you think about?



+1 for Radar Chart ,When I need to analyze the user’s Profile

Treemap definitely. It’s the best way to show composition.


As below discussion, I really need moving average or rolling average for the chart.
It would be very convenient for trend of data. Please consider for a next feature.

Trellis / Facet / Panel Charts – The ability to group by a category and generate the same viz for each category. Highly preferable to stacking which ends up just creating a mess when you have more than 3-5 categories…

Support for this was added in V10 :partying_face:

Thanks a lot, the v9 is already support.

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