I need to filter the results of query to records created yesterday. The obvious answer is to use a SQL function such as NOW() or CURTIME(). But I can’t find such a date function that’s supported by redash. Any suggestion? Is there documentation about which SQL functions are supported?

Redash has no SQL syntax of its own. You can use whatever SQL functions your database supports.

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What about queries on the “Queries Result Cache”? Which date functions can I use there?

i use DATE_ADD in my queries, but when trying to use DATE_ADD in a query on the “Queries Result Cache”, I get the error: “Error running query: **no such function: DATE_ADD**”

By looking into the code I found out that “Queries Result Cache” uses SQLLite, so the SQLLite functions are supported there and instead of DATE_ADD I can use DATETIME(“date”, ‘+24 hours’)

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