What the current recommended production environment version?

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I would like to ask whether the currently recommended environment is tag v10.1.0 or can the master branch be used?

Because looking at the master commit, it seems that a lot of functions have been updated?

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: Currently clone master directly
  • Browser/OS: Xubuntu 22.04
  • How did you install Redash:
    At present, I try to use the production environment docker-compose.yml and change the image of x-redash-service: &redash-service to the following
x-redash-service: &redash-service
  #image: redash/redash:8.0.0.b32245
    context: .
    dockerfile: Dockerfile
      skip_frontend_build: "true"
    - .:/app
  env_file: /opt/redash/env
  restart: always

And use this to customize my environment.

Is this way correct?
Or is there a more recommended way to allow me to change the source code of the image?

I’m very grateful for everyone advice Thanks!

What you’re doing is fine. We try to keep master stable, but for maximum stability I would stick to the released versions.

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