What to do when you want to update several parameters before running a query?

Only thing to verify, is how this behaves on mobile?

No different. Dunno if it would be problematic or not. I’m under the impression that mobile UX is not a concern of ours at this point of the product.

Don’t you prefer the yellow background?

I thought it could be beneficial when there was a distance between the notification content and the actual params, so it would be easy to correlate. But with this version, I don’t think it’s an issue and would rather keep UI changes to a minimum.
Also, on a technical level, the asterisk is a much easier and safer implementation.

You want it in?

Although I am happy with the newer version (but gotta experience it for real first), I want to point out that imo the original suggestion has superior UX and is more future-proof.

Although it’s not a priority, it’s valuable to consider mobile experience to some pages and imo the most important ones are the dashboard and the query page in view mode.


Exactly. I would even rephrase it as: mobile experience is a priority for some pages, like the dashboard.

The yellow background feels nicer, but I understand the reasoning – asterisk it is.

Care to elaborate? Maybe a voice call?