What's the minimum size for embedded visualizations?

I’m trying to embed a line chart visualization in a pretty small IFrame (233ₚₓ x 90ₚₓ). It doesn’t seem to work well, as it doesn’t fit:

Ignore the blue hue/gradient, just experimenting a bit.


Is there any way to make the chart fit within these dimensions? I’ve enabled FEATURE_ALLOW_CUSTOM_JS_VISUALIZATIONS on the Redash instance, so if there’s anything I should mark there to make it fit, that’s an option as well.


It also seems like when using Redash dashboards, the visualization does respond nicely:


What’s the difference between adding a visualization widget in a dashboard and embedding it in my own UI that’s causing this discrepancy and how can I overcome it?


To solve this, I used the following custom JS:

var layout = {
  showlegend: false,
  margin: {
        b: 0,
        l: 0,
        r: 0,
        t: 17,
    autosize: true,
    height: 95,

var config = {
  responsive: true, //  https://plotly.com/javascript/responsive-fluid-layout/

Plotly.newPlot(element, [data], layout, config);