When I POST to Redash API, sometimes I get 400 Bad requests and sometimes I get 200

Nice to meet you.

I am Japanese, and I use translation software. I’m sorry if the English is unnatural.

I’m testing a migration from Redash v4 to Redash v8.
In order to migrate to a different server and docker environment, I’d like to use the following script to migrate from the current v4 to the newly built v8 server instead of upgrading one version at a time.

When I throw a POST request to /api/queries to the new server using this script, sometimes the same query returns 200 and sometimes it returns 400.

Users can be migrated without any problems.
On the nginx side, I set the error_log level to DEBUG, and on the server side, I set the REDASH_LOG_LEVEL to DEBUG. I restarted the server and used the docker-compose logs -f command to track the logs, but when I get 200, the server container logs, but when I get 400, neither the server nor the nginx container logs at all.

I would like to find out if this is due to the python requests or if it is a problem with the RedashAPI.
Please let me know what I should look for.

Thank you very much.

I ran migrator.py on my mac book pro with python version 2.7.16.

Original version: 4.0.1+b4038
New version: 8.0.0+b32245

I found out that it was a bug in the python requirements library, so I stopped using migrator.py.
Please close it.

The old migration script is deprecated (and broken). We’re working on a new migration script (to be released this week) which should fix these issues.

So that was it.
Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing more.