Where is the v9.0.0-beta tooltip that shows description to column?

I saw this in the changelog of v9.0.0-beta:

  • Feature: It’s now possible to provide a description to each Table column, appearing in UI as a tooltip.

Sounds like a very promising feature to show data type of columns. I’ve been waiting for this feature for years. But I cannot find it in v9.0.0-beta ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

no tooltips to show more info

This appears in the “visualization” paragraph, so I understand that tooltips are shown for each column of the “table” visualization of the query result.

This PR confirm my understanding :wink:

@MathieuBossaert is right. The feature isn’t part of the schema. It’s part of the table visualization. I’m running the V9 Beta:

Too bad this is not what I want :sweat_smile:
Why am I the only one who wants the data types shown in the UI???
I think that is the single most important feature of a query UI.
:joy: :joy: :joy:

Same here! Would this be a feature available in V9? We’d LOVE to have data types available, and it is even better if Redash can actually pull description from the metadata!

finally see someone who has the same interest here! :handshake: