Where to find archived dashboards, and why the updates on the dashboard name is not picked by the URL link?

We found the archived dashboards are still counted in the total number of dashboards, and wonder where could we find those archived dashboards, so we can use them again.
The other problem we encounter is the name inside the URL is not updated when we update the dashboard name. For instance, I have a dashboard, named as ‘x-test’, and we have a URL link like redash.io/company/x-test. Later, I want to share that dashboard with team, so I update the dashboard to be ‘x-action’, however, the URL link stays the same as before to show x-test inside the URL. How could we avoid this?

Where are you seeing this count?

This is a known issue. You can follow progress on it here:

Thanks for the answers.
I found the total number of dashboards in the ‘Plan & Billing’, which counts both active and archived dashboards for us.
I will follow up the the dashboard naming problem, hope you will solve it soon.

Archived dashboards shouldn’t impact your available count on hosted Redash. Would you ping us through the in-app chat so we can look into this further?