Why python takes so much memery?

Hey, I’m new to redash, I try to build it on my local but found this very strange that python takes me so much memory and CPU, I use the virtual env, is that a cause ? and this memory increased from 1.x G to 30.x G until my PC crashed. It’s really a big block for me and I hope someone could help me. I’ve stuck in it for 3 days !!

updated(it just swallow my memory):

Wow that’s a lot of memory. It’s not normal. Have you tried basic debugging steps?

  1. Restart machine
  2. Restart Redash instance

Also, how did you install Redash? Docker? What OS do you use?

I tried to restart my computer but there’s no luck. I followed this guide the install redash locally https://redash.io/help/open-source/dev-guide/setup. Os is Mac . Another thing is that the Python process will keep taking the memory from hundreds mb to 30g util my computer become very slow to respond. I don’t know how it happened and also don’t how how to fix, It’s very painful to handle this kind of problems. Can you give me some guide?

This is indeed very unusual. What command are you running to start the Python process?

I just followed the guide https://redash.io/help/open-source/dev-guide/setup to start python process.
But no worries now, it’s somehow fixed in on my machine. Thanks !