Issue Summary

I have experienced several times a crumble of the Widgets (they all stack up at the top of the dashboard) when editing a widget, either resizing or moving. It does not happen on the first edition actions but only at some point.

A screenshot of what it can look like :

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: 4.0.0+b3948
  • Browser/OS: Chrome 65.0.3325.181 / MacOS High Sierra
  • How did you install Redash: This instance of Redash is built from the AWS AMI of Redash 2.0 and updated following the forum guidance.

Hi @caloulebeauf! Can you please create an issue on GitHub for this? Thanks!

Did you use Redash before with V2, or started from scratch with V4?

Also, is it possible this starts to happen after refresh?

@arikfr I already encountered such bug when working on dashboard for v4 (and fixed it for that case) - it’s something inside gridstack.js. It’s easy to fix (need to call a method to re-compute grid), just need to reproduce it to understand where it occurs in this case.

It was a 2.0 for a few minutes (the time to update), became an 3.x for a long time and most of the queries / dashboards were made in this version.
I updated the day it became available (i was watching daily the github changelog ;))

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Done : Ticket

I did a little test. I clicked on Edit but did not do a thing but wait for a refresh / query update. But nothing happened after 10 minutes. So it does not seem related to a refresh.