Alerts stay in unknown state

I tried creating couple of alerts, I don’t seem them triggering. Any pointers on how I can debug this?

From our doc page:

Alerts don’t work for queries with parameters.

Check that first. If the queries don’t have parameters then we’ll need more information to help you debug.

Yes my queries don’t have parameter.

The use case is I would query for failures by checking a table and if the failure count is > 0, then I would need an alert sent out.

Yes I followed that documentation.

Are you able to configure any alert that triggers? What kind of data source are you querying? It’s possible you’re hitting this bug which is squashed in the forthcoming V9.

I had issues with v8. So I built a docker image tip of the tree and tested with it still the same.

My query returns is simple count(*) on a postgres table


Work with me here, man. I can’t help further without more info. What else have you tried? Do the queries stay UNKNOWN? Do they ever trigger? What if you select a block of text?

let me know what info you need, no the query stays unknown indefinitely they don’t ever trigger. here are some screenshots.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 7.42.23 PM.png

Thank you that’s most helpful. It seems to me it’s not that it evaluates but the comparison fails. It’s that the criteria are not evaluated at all. Do you see any failures in the logs?

What happens if you create a Query Results Data Source instance and try the same thing?

Sorry was OOO, can you let me know how I can check the logs?. Also clarify what you meant by evaluates by comparison fails?

@susodapop, one think i noticed is when i go to the dashboard

the queue doesn’t see be getting processed.

I brought up redash with docker compose but since I wanted latest version, I built docker image to have the latest.

V8 is the latest release. You’re trying to run V9 which is not yet in beta and it seems like you’ve set it up incorrectly. My guess is your scheduler instance is not running or there is an issue with your workers. The stdout logs from your docker containers should reflect if there are execution failures.

Until V9 is released you should use V8. It’s stable.