An error occurs Redash Docker on startup

Yeah, I see, thank you for quick replies. It was really helpfull.
Finally service starts and I can reach it.
Now we have some troubles with corporate smtp server but it’s easy to solve.

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Glad to hear it. What was the issue with pycrypto?

I think you were right about my own host issues. All issues was related to corporate firewall.

We have cured our .env file and finally test message was sent successfully.
Now we’re trying to understand what is wrong with env variable SERVER_NAME cause after invintation any new memer this message pops up:

RuntimeError: Application was not able to create a URL adapter for request independent URL generation. You might be able to fix this by setting the SERVER_NAME config variable.

Really strage error cause I can invite people with shell command but cannot do it with web page.

This is very strange. Especially since the the CLI command has been broken for awhile…