Any SAML success stories?


Issue Summary

Does anyone have SAML setup/configuration success stories with Redash? Specifically, we’d like to tie this into Okta, but the various configs we shoved into both sides never seemed to line up and work - auth failures every time. I don’t have specific messages any more, but I’m pretty sure it was just Failed to parse SAML response (which was the generic message with saml_client.parse_authn_request_response()). Trying to glean some sort of info with a SAML parser in the browser, it seemed like the XML response was showing good stuff, it was just the Redash code not being happy with it (undoubtedly because of a configuration issue).

Anyway, if someone is using this and just knows it works, it would be great to hear. If someone has a config/setup they’re willing to share, even better. All the previous SAML posts have been met with silence or dead links.

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: v5.0.2
  • How did you install Redash: Pre-built docker image


I know others managed to use Redash with Okta, so it should be possible.

As callback URL use: {your redash base url}/saml/callback

Some additional settings:

  • Name ID Format: EmailAddress
  • Application Username: Email

And you need to set the following attribute statements:


Thanks for that - that looks like what we’d tried, but I’ll have to double-check once I’m in the office. Still, if anyone has a “known good” setup they’d like to share, it would be great to see. If we figure this out, we’ll certainly post here, at least.