Configure ReDash with ADFS - sso

We are using ADFS 5. We have added our SAML information in REdash and configured AD FS with the ReDash call back information. Once i click the SAML login on the Redash page, we are redirected to an error page.

We have EmailAddress set as the NameID.

Has anyone seen this before? I have personally never seen this before.

“The SAML protocol message cannot be read because it contains data that is not valid.”

What do you see in your Redash logs? Have you checked that your SAML metadata file is valid?

The logs looks fine. It looks like its configured correctly. Yes, the SAML metadata file is valid. Its being used by other applications.

I was able to get it working. In the name ID, i had EmailAddress instead of the SAML format.

Now i get another error.

We entered the saml information for SAML Metadata URL, SAML Entity ID and SAML NameID Format. We are directed to our login page. Once i log in, we get this message.

  • Error details: MSIS7085: The server requires a signed SAML authentication request but no signature is present.

The signed SAML authentication request is currently set to false but it still comes up.

Any ideas?

What if you set it to true?

I did set it to True and the same message comes up. Do you know anyone that has ReDash working with ADFS?

I removed the ReDash configuration within ADFS and the error message “The server requires a signed SAML authentication request but no signature is present.” comes up anyway. I also did set the SAML authentication request at the ADFS level to True (false by default) and the error message still comes up.