Hosted Version EOL Questions

With the hosted version of Redash being retired, it brings up several questions I haven’t seen the answers to yet:

  • Does this mean the open source version will just be in ‘maintenance mode’ moving forward?

  • Will this discussion forum, which is hosted on go away?

  • Will the open source license change?

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I noticed also that the commits on the open source version came to an abrupt halt. Going from 2-5 per day to only 1 commit in the whole month of June. :cry:

Hi @rotten. What’s your source for eol? I’m asking since v10 beta was published just last month…


Two things:

  1. If you go to it is a big banner in the middle of the page.
  2. I got an email with more details a few hours later.

Neither of which answer my questions though.

And well, I suppose (3) if you go to the github statistics, click on ‘insights’, and then click on ‘commits’: Commit Activity · getredash/redash · GitHub - you can see the sudden drop off in daily commits.

Here is the full text of the email:

It’s been a fun few years and we’re thrilled and humbled by what we’ve accomplished with Redash so far. In order to focus our efforts on establishing best in class experiences for SQL analysts within Databricks as our paid offering, we’ve decided to discontinue the hosted service at - effective November 30, 2021.

While we are discontinuing the hosted version of Redash, we intend to continue to develop the Open Source Redash project alongside Databricks SQL. The beta of the next Open Source Redash release (v10) was just finalized and we plan to release the final version later this summer.

As a current Redash user, you have a few options if you want to continue using Redash depending on the functionality within Redash that you’ve been using:

For a complete, self-hosted, Redash experience, you can use the migration script to migrate your content from your hosted account to an open source deployment;
If your primary use case is limited to running workloads on Databricks, you may join the Databricks SQL public preview which shares some functionality of Redash. Please reach out to sales-at-databricks to join the public preview.
In order to help you during this transition, we are pleased to let you know that starting today, you will no longer be charged for using

Please note that you will be unable to access any data within the service as of November 30, 2021 and all Redash-hosted customer data will be deleted within thirty days thereafter. Please see the FAQ for more details.



Those are good questions, @rotten!

No, we plan to keep evolving the open source project. is going to be updated to be the website for the Open Source project and the forum will stay. We do have some thoughts on whether we should move to GitHub Discussions, but this is unrelated to what’s going on with the hosted service and regardless we plan on keeping a forum and the current one’s history.

Changing licenses been in fashion recently, but we don’t have such plans.

It’s true that our development velocity changed, but this had many contributing factors. One is the v10 release, where we wanted to freeze changes until we finish with the release. The other is that we’re still trying to figure out a process for code sharing between Databricks SQL and Redash and on how to work better with the community.

Somewhat different from before, we want the next releases of Redash to have more community involvement.

I hope this answers any concerns you might have.


@arikfr Hi there. Thanks for the update, that helped lower my anxiety levels! Very, very good to know of your plans going forward.

Best of luck!


Lots of exciting stuff is coming for Open Source Redash :rocket:


As a data point, I’ve put together a team for building a new hosted SaaS Redash platform (will be at, so people have somewhere to migrate to.

Pricing will be identical to, prior to the EoL announcement.

Should be launching in a few weeks, and we’ll provide a direct migration tool to make things easy.

We have some of the following question which we could not find in reference to hosted version EOL:

  1. What version of OSS Redash the hosted service currently uses?
  2. Do you have any plan of upgrading hosted Redash service before its planned End Of Life?
  3. Is all the code used in identical to the one available in OSS Redash?
  4. Do you have an approximate release date of version 10 of OSS Redash?
  5. Do you have an approximate release date the migration script from paid hosted Redash to self-hosted Redash?



hey @jesse , may i know if i create a new account recently and what will happen after end of trial (3-day after creation)?

  1. uses a modified version of Redash V9 with the addition of the CSV query runner.
  2. No plans to update the hosted service again prior to EOL unless there is a critical security patch needed.
  3. Mostly, yes. Minus the billing pages and the CSV query runner (which was just implemented in a newer form on the tip of master in OSS).
  4. We’ve said elsewhere on the forum: it will be later this Summer.
  5. The migration script update is underway. Target completion in August so that it lines up with the V10 release.
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When your trial expires the account will be disabled as we have removed the option to pick a plan from the settings screen. If you would like to continue trialing until the EOL you can ping us through in-app support and we’ll extend your trial until then.

As of this week it’s no longer possible to create accounts on

  1. We are planning for EOL and need to make sure our development which was done on [] is supported with V9 beta version?
    As the [] uses a modified version of Redash V9 with the addition of the CSV query runner. Is the available V9 Beta version same as its running on [] ?

You won’t be able to migrate until we finish the migration script (working on it right now, actually). But once it’s finished you’ll be able to migrate directly into V10.

@jesse When is the expected release date of the finished migration script to V10?

This work is tracked here: Updated migration script

Hey folks,

I wanted to let you know that we’re gauging interest in providing our own Hosted Redash. My co-maintainer and I run Beekeeper Studio, and it would be a great compliment to the app.

If you are interested, please let us know on our website by following the link in our dedicated forum post below:

Dedicated topic, with the link to the interested-party form - Hosted Redash Replacement - Beekeeper Analytics


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@arikfr What is the exact cut-off time? Is it November 30th, 12:00AM PST? We’re still working on our migrations, hopefully we can get it done in time :pray: