I love re: dash. I am always grateful for your help.


I know that this function is implemented, I would like to use it by all means, but even if I put the master branch up to date, I can not find it on the screen.

Is it necessary to set up?

Please let me know if you know one.

Sorry for the confusion. It’s currently only available in the hosted version, but we do plan to open source it after the 1.0 release. I’ve added a note about this to the help page.

Hi, i was eager to test-drive the 2.0 version to see if this feature was included but unfortunately it hasn’t showed up yet.
Any ideas when it’ll be open-sourced? Redash would be so much more useful if it has and i would need the self-hosted version to give threads enough memory to consume to make it work properly and to be able to reach the databases concerned.


This feature is now open source since the v3 release. Enjoy :slight_smile: