In which Redash version(s) is QRDS available?

In version 7, users can see documentation for using QRDS when clicking on help, but “Query Results” is not an available data source to establish. I suspect QRDS only became available in a later version, but the documentation doesn’t specify and I can’t determine through searches. Can someone confirm, or if it should be available in version 7, point out what I’m missing?

QRDS has been around for years. I think version 2 or 3? How did you set up your Redash instance?

Are you saying you don’t see this when you search for query results when adding a new data source from the setup screen?

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Below are my replies:

Thank you for confirming. Now I need to figure out why it seems unavailable in our instance.

Our Redash instance was setup before my time, but it’s running on Docker with k8s.

Correct; I don’t get any results when searching for “query results” as a data source:

Any insights you can share to help resolve is greatly appreciated.

Try running pip install -r requirements_all_ds.txt. My guess is you didn’t install all the dependencies that QRDS needs, so it disappeared from the list.