Organization/status api request return 500


Issue Summary

Hi, Just installed the latest version with docker-compose and everything works brilliant, instead of just one proxied request! In npm console got:

[HPM] Error occurred while trying to proxy request /api/organization/status from localhost:8080 to http://localhost:5000/ (HPE_HEADER_OVERFLOW) (

Try this request with curl and same, if just replace 8080 to 5000 and send curl from the terminal, everything ok, returned normal json.

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: 6
  • Browser/OS: Chrome 71 / MacOs Mohave
  • How did you install Redash: docker-compose

Understand that it can be something stupidly simple, but can’t find what I’m doing wrong.



Hi! :slight_smile:

First, it seems you are using a development environment with the version from, is that correct?

This issue also happened to me in my dev server lately… I’ve investigated some of it and it seems the node proxy for the backend has a limit of 80 KB for response headers. I tried to find a way augment it, however without any success.

By doing some inspect on the header, I noticed that the field with more data was X-ChromeLogger-Data. And yep, commenting the lines related to it on redash/ made this error stop on dev environment.

@arikfr do you know anything that could’ve caused this overhead recently?


Hi all
did you solve the problem, i have the same ?
can you help me please


Hi @makremhammali,

The way I found to workaround this in my development environment was to use npm run watch instead of npm run start. The server will be available in http://localhost:5000 (not http://localhost:8080).

If this is not your case, please give some more details (Redash version, How did you install Redash, which guide you’re following, etc.)


thank you @gabrieldutra


I came across this issue too. Thank you @gabrieldutra for the workaround. I do think this may be a bug though. Especially since the issue isn’t reproducible in older versions (e.g. earlier than 90a0a7d39).

Perhaps we need to re-open


I’m pretty sure in #3538 they didn’t start the Flask server.

But I agree we should understand the underlying issue and fix it. @emtwo can you reliably reproduce this? Any idea what the STR are?

  1. docker-compose run server manage database create_tables to setup tables
  2. docker-compose up
  3. In another tab, npm run start
  4. In browser navigate to http://localhost:8080

Actual Result: The page tries to reload multiple times but does not succeed. The url has redirected to http://localhost:8080/login?next=/ and there is an error 429 too many requests In the tab from step 3, the error is [HPM] Error occurred while trying to proxy request /setup from localhost:8080 to http://localhost:5000/ (ECONNRESET) ( on the flask server tab we see

Expected outcome: The login page should be loaded