Postgres db Query execution


Hi all,
I successfully connected data source in my local machine. When i’m trying to execute a simple query, i’m not able to get results. Please do a needful by solving this. Thanks in advance.

for reference:


Go to and add the screenshot of that page. I am guessing all your services would be shown as stopped.

#3 9001 is the port number you are running?
because i’m getting this error page:

if i run the same with 5000 i’m getting the redash login page.


Run service nginx status and send a screen shot



Run service supervisor status


I’m getting error:


your service supervisor is not running. Run service supervisor start


I’m getting error like this.



Thank you. i installed this is the status now.

What should i do next?


do and check is all service is running


if you get this, then all good