QRDS on CSV data source query fails with gethostname error

Hello! I’m testing out redash and following this helpful tutorial:

I’m using the free trial hosted version (not self-hosted). I can upload csv files into redash using both dropbox and google hosted files. The data displays in the UI after execution.

Most everything works well until ‘Step 4: Query the data with QRDS’.
When I select the data source in the drop down and use query (for example):

SELECT * FROM cached_query_470646

I get a very reproducible error message, regardless of dropbox or google drive source:

Error running query: gethostbyname() argument 1 must be str, bytes or bytearray, not None

Does anyone have ideas on how I could diagnose this further? Are there more complete error logs accessible somewhere? I’m totally new to this software, so am not eager to poke through the source code at this stage.


Nothing springs to mind. If you’re on app.redash.io you can use customer support and they’ll look into it.

thanks! I didn’t realize that the free trials came with support. I will try it