Redash Support empty parameters

and invoices.created_date < ‘{{ To date }}’
and invoices.description LIKE ‘%’ '{{Search}}
i want when search have any keyword then it will show result according to that keyword if i let search parameter empty it will show all result …so can anyone please help me how i can use OR or something else to perform empty parameter if no keyword is searched…

I’m not sure which SQL syntax your using. But this should work in mySQL, Postgres and Microsoft SQL Server:

WHERE (invoices.description LIKE '%' + '{{ param }}' OR '{{ param }}' LIKE 'na')

Modified based on Arik’s response. This snippet will behave like an empty parameter value if the parameter is set to na (for not applicable). For any other value it will perform like a regular filter. It’s a hack, but get’s the job done.

This could also be done with a query based dropdown list.

Currently Redash doesn’t allow for empty parameters. You can track the following issue to know when it’s implemented:

Also the issue details a possible workaround.

Thanks for your reply I’m using MySQL …i tried your way but its still show error missing value for parameter