Retrieving archived dashboards

Hi All,

Few users in my organization developed dashboards which are archived. The users are no longer working with us.

I want to see the dashboards which they have created/archived.

The users email id is no longer associated with our organization Redash.


You should view the redash database for this. There is a table called dashboards which iirc has a column called is_archived. Toggle it’s value to make the dashboard available again. Also first check if the cli gives an option to do this. Not sure on that front.

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Is there a way to make these changes through Redash API using Python.

The Redash API - doesn’t have complete documentation.

Thanks in advance!

The API can un-archive a dashboard since this was merged:

But the API doesn’t list archived dashboards. For that you need to access the metadata table like @Shitij mentioned above.

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