Scheduled-query does not executed

Hi, I have trouble in executing Scheduled-query and I would like to discuss this problem

The trouble I’m facing

  • Although I set up refresh schedule, query log did not appear in worker logs
  • According to logs, immediately after creating a job, the job’s status was changed to ‘outdated’ and the job does not executed

The logs when the job’s status was chenged to ‘outdated’ is below.

My environment is below.

  • version: 10.0.0
  • I use Redis in ElastiCache
  • I use Fargate task on ECS about server, worker, scheduler

I read these topics, but could not solve this trouble.

I posted topic in Japanese 2 weeks ago, but few people read the topic.

I would like to get somebody’s help.

Thanks for your post.

Have you tried the solution proposed in the topics you linked? Restarting the scheduler service? Do you have any workers watching the scheduled queue?

Thanks for your response.

I’ve restarted scheduler several times, and supposedly I don’t have any workers watching the scheduled queue.

If none of your workers watch the scheduled queue than none of your scheduled queries will execute…