Hi all,
I’m testing for the first time redash and I would like to use a postgres db.

If I make a shell connection like

psql myUser  -h -d myDb -p 5432

the connection is ok.

If I use redash whit the same parameters I have "Connection refused, Is the server running on host “” and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5432?.

Postgres runs on the same server of redash, but probably the error is to use in redash configuration page.

What kind of tests can I do to check and solve my stupid connections problems?

Thank you

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Redash runs in a Docker container and the Postgres database is on my host machine, they use different filesystems.

Than I must work with docker configuration, it’s not a redash problem.

I’m also facing same issue.
for reference :

but i’m able to connect database with the same port through command.
attaching the same

@meghana (and others who might might end up here just as I did), just to reiterate and build on an earlier answer here, the issue is that Redash web instance does not see your localhost or straight away.

This is because when running as a Docker container, the Redash server is a different host (i. e. not the same localhost as the Postgres server) from a network perspective.

The most convenient way is to set host.docker.internal as the host in the data source config; more info here and here.

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This is a great tip :+1: