Solved: Postgres connection: a very basic (probably) stupid problem


Hi all,
I’m testing for the first time redash and I would like to use a postgres db.

If I make a shell connection like

psql myUser  -h -d myDb -p 5432

the connection is ok.

If I use redash whit the same parameters I have "Connection refused, Is the server running on host “” and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5432?.

Postgres runs on the same server of redash, but probably the error is to use in redash configuration page.

What kind of tests can I do to check and solve my stupid connections problems?

Thank you


Redash runs in a Docker container and the Postgres database is on my host machine, they use different filesystems.

Than I must work with docker configuration, it’s not a redash problem.


I’m also facing same issue.
for reference :

but i’m able to connect database with the same port through command.
attaching the same