URL data source (No connection adapters)

Hi, i created URL data source on…cube.js also accessible on this one…i created query like this

url: 'cubejs-api/v1/load'
    Authorization: ...
path: data
    query: '{"measures": ["UsersVip.count"]}'

But it will give error like this

Error running query:  **No connection adapters were found for ' 'cubejs-api/v1 load' headers: Authorization: ... path: data params: query: '{"measures": ["UsersVip.count"]}''**

anyone can help me out it would be really nice…thanks

I see a couple issues here:

  1. Is your cube.js instance actually accessible to Redash? Usually the 192.168.x.x subnet will point back at Redash’s own server.
  2. You mention the URL data source, but your query looks like the YAML format we use with the JSON data source. Which one are you using? If you passed that YAML to the URL data source I would expect it to fail.

Which version of Redash are you using?

Hi, thanks for your feedback…i’m using v7.0.0 …i understand your points Actually that’s why i’m looking for guidance because i don’t see any json data source and how i check that cube.js instance is accessible to redash or not…so can you please guide me in right direction…how i can get all this done.thank you very much