V10 Beta is ready! 📦

We just released the beta version of the V10 release :100: . This contains many quality-of-life tweaks to the front-end (vertical navbar, session expiry won’t lose a user’s place in the app), improved visualisations (fixed table visualisation header, horizontal bar charts) and stability upgrades (typescript, Antd v4). For a full list of changes, we encourage you to checkout the CHANGELOG.

As always this release wouldn’t be possible without the help of our community. This version had contributions from over 35 people :pray:

Our special thanks to Sohail Ahmed for disclosing a vulnerability in our “forgot password” page which we patched in #5425.


(This section is duplicated from the previous release - since many users will upgrade directly from V8 → V10)

Typically, if you are running your own instance of Redash and wish to upgrade, you would simply modify the Docker tag in your docker-compose.yml file. Since RQ has replaced Celery in this version, there are a couple extra modifications that need to be done in your docker-compose.yml :

  1. Under services/scheduler/environment , omit QUEUES and WORKERS_COUNT (and omit environment altogether if it is empty).
  2. Under services , add a new service for general RQ jobs:

worker: <<: *redash-service command: worker environment: QUEUES: “periodic emails default” WORKERS_COUNT: 1

Following that, force a recreation of your containers with docker-compose up --force-recreate --build and you should be good to go.


We plan for only a brief public beta so we can push new cloud images, documentation, and a setup script by the end of summer. We’ve been testing these changes internally for several months and the beta is quite stable. Thanks for your patience as this has been an off-kilter release cycle. We look forward to pushing a final release out ASAP.


Upgrade from V9 without any issue

  • I’ve recompiled to add LADP 2.9 dep
  • deployed on my kubernetes using helm




Went from version 8 to 10 beta successfully. I have noted two things:

  1. I seem to have a growing queued jobs anomaly. I did a docker-compose exec redis redis-cli flushall around 4pm est and by 9 pm I had 233 queued jobs. No scheduled queries. Note I did truncate the database tables for queries, dashboards, events, widgets, query results, and changes.

2. Outdated Queries issue:

Does not seem to be impacting performance at this time.


Good news!

Are there any documentation changes for v10? Actually, most my queries to selfhosted Elasticsearch return

Error running query: argument of type ‘bool’ is not iterable

There will be, yes. But not pertaining to ES queries AFAIK.

I don’t think anything has changed with the ES connector. Which isn’t idea. The ES connector is in bad shape and we don’t recommend anyone use it for production work :frowning: Work was started on a new connector, but it’s blocked right now because we don’t use ES internally and can’t test it. If you can assist with the effort the PR is here: New Elasticsearch query runner by NicolasLM · Pull Request #4391 · getredash/redash · GitHub

I upgraded to the v10.0.0-beta tag. The overall upgrade was smooth.
However - the features in CHANGELOG:

  • Feature: Added support for horizontal box plots
  • Feature: Added support for horizontal bar charts

I am not able to see box plots under chart type anymore(I know they showed up as deprecated in v8).
Also not able to see horizontal bar chart support. Any help is appreciated!

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Thanks for the upgrade report!

Both boxplots and horizontal bar charts are part of the Chart visualisation type.

For bar charts, there is a setting for “Horizontal Chart”
CleanShot 2021-08-02 at 13.21.00

that’s perfect, thank you so much for the support!

Follow-up question for V10, I hope someone can respond.
For V8, any user that belongs to a group that has full access to a data source was able to click on “edit Query” to view the query behind the data(for query that didn’t belong to the same user, but to a different user in the same group) , but with V10, a user within the same group cant view other user’s queries.
Is there a workaround for this?

to add some context, the current group permission is :{create_dashboard,create_query,edit_dashboard,edit_query,view_query,view_source,execute_query,list_users,schedule_query,list_dashboards,list_alerts,list_data_sources}


That doesn’t sound right. Please open a separate thread so we can investigate this without cluttering this thread.

thanks. opened a thread here: Permission issue with Redash version 10

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hi,can i ask you how to update to 10.0.0-beta from 9.0.0-beta
i learn to build this version 9 just a moment
the note from 10.0.0 update note show that there are a couple extra modifications that need to be done in your docker-compose.yml,but i use docker images show the tag is lastest,and there is no tag informatiion in docker-compose.yml .
whats else should edit for this update,can you give me some help. pls

When do we expect the final release of V10 to be live ? Without that, would you suggest to upgrade from Redash 8(Final) to Redash 10 Beta ?



If you want to run a beta version, sure :wink:

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Great, looking forward. Thanks alot.

If I may clarify it accurately, by end of summer, you’d mean somewhere towards the end of August, or maybe around mid September. Kindly let me know if otherwise.

Thanks again !!

The end of summer is in September.


@jesse only if you live in the northern hemisphere :wink:

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Fantastic point :pray:t2:

I was using northern hemisphere context based on this comment :smiley:

So Redash v10 will be officially released as a stable version n this month itself right? Can we expect any specific dates on when it would be?