Alerts feature breakdown Aug '19

@arikfr worked on your feedback:

View Mode

  1. Meta data moved to bottom right, but kept Last Triggered close to trigger state.
  2. “Edit” and “More” buttons in top right (like the Dashboard and Query pages convention).
  3. HelpTrigger removed.

Edit mode

  1. Removed “Save” Button.
  2. “Edit” button turns into “Done Editing” (like in Dashboard page).
  3. HelpTrigger appears.


  1. Renamed to “Mute Notifications”.


  2. Clear indication when muted.


When an alert page is kept open, it makes sense to expect that it auto updates.
We can do it the way Cypress Dashboard does:

  1. Auto checks every ~10 seconds.
  2. Allows to trigger manually on click.


Knowing that we’re planning to trigger Alert evaluation on edit, it makes even more sense to make this possible.


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Why not Save? I know that’s what we did on dashboards, but there we auto save.

:+1: maybe only an icon is enough?

Mute Notifications implies that we keep checking alert status but don’t send notifications. It’s not the same as Disable.

I think this is out of scope at the moment.